Are you tired of looking past your use-by date?

Why is it that no matter what you wear you feel dull and lacking in style?

Do you sometimes suspect that you have no taste?

I know that you’ve got a wardrobe of clothes that doesn’t inspire you.  Despite that full wardrobe you don’t have anything to wear that makes you feel fabulous, do you?

Learn how to tame your wardrobe so that everything in it makes you look fabulous.

Now before you start rolling your eyes and saying “I’ve heard this before” I want you to understand that I know what I am talking about.  I have years of experience as a personal style consultant.  I don’t just talk about changing your life, I DO it!  And I have plenty of clients who agree with me!

With the help of my fantastic eBook called Your Essential Style Guide – 151 Secrets for an Image Consultant to Bring out the Best in Youyou will learn the secrets to really stylish dressing.

As an image consultant I’m always getting asked for tips, tricks and secrets to help people look better so I thought I’d write an easy-to-read ebook that contains over 150 tips to help all women dress well.

With more than 100 colour pictures included my book I make it really easy for you to make simple changes to improve your image.


This book will give you tips on:

  1. How to select the right garment for you
  2. Which accessories best suit you
  3. Choosing the right colour for you
  4. How to follow fashion without being a slave
  5. Underwear do’s and don’ts
  6. How to mix and match for the best effect
  7. How to store your garments to maintain their quality
  8. Keeping your wardrobe under control

And much more.

Why is this book different?

It’s different because it is real.  It talks to real women who live in the real world and balance work, family and home.  None of this time consuming expensive stuff.  It is filled with tips that are practical and manageable.

Would you like a peek at what is inside Your Essential Style Guide – 151 Secrets for an Image Consultant to Bring out the Best in You”?

  • Hairstyle tips that are practical
  • How to wear makeup so you look healthy and natural
  • How to dress to look slimmer
  • How to dress to look taller
  • How to dress to add curves

Can’t wait any longer to start feeling good about the way you look?  Just click the button and the book will be yours in a few short minutes, pay using our 100% secure server.
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What is it worth to you to feel good about yourself when you go out?  That’s priceless, isn’t it?

But there’s more.

If you are like most women, you have a wardrobe stuffed with clothes and shoes, many of them unworn or at least, never worn in public.  You have a wardrobe filled with clothes that only make you feel inadequate and not as good as everyone else.

What do you think those clothes are worth?  How much have you spent over the years on your wardrobe?

Do you realise that most women only ever wear about 20% of the clothes they own?  Why? Because they are the only few that they feel good in.  That sounds like you, doesn’t it?

By the way, track pants and joggers don’t count!

You have hundreds and maybe thousands of dollars’ worth of clothing just hanging there, doing nothing.

For only $14.95USD you can change all that.  You will save on your future clothing purchases because you will know what you should be looking for.  You will save even more because you will know which pieces you already own can become part of your new style.
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If you are still not sure, let me make it easy for you.  I will give you a 100% guarantee.



If you don’t find out

  • What to look for as you check your appearance in the mirror
  • How to put an outfit together
  • How to shop and what to look for

so that you develop a personal style that makes you feel gorgeous,  I will give you your money back.

Here’s what readers say about Your Essential Style Guide – 151 Secrets for an Image Consultant to Bring out the Best in You

“I’ve applied this advice in my own life, and I really do feel more confident in myself. Instead of hating my body, I’m using the best bits to their full advantage. Where I once never accessorised, I now have eyes that ‘pop’, skin that glows and … ta da a waist! And I’ve managed to do it all with three kids, a husband, and running a business. To be perfectly honest, if I can manage it, anyone can!

Amanda Cox, Real Mums

I loved the matter-of-fact really useful information that was presented. It makes so much sense but why didn’t I ever know this before!


Want more?


OK, just for you I will throw in my special report on Shopping Secrets valued at $14.95!  This is the book you should never go shopping without.  It’s full of tips to save you hundreds of dollars when you shop.  People rave about this little gem.

And I will give it to you FREE as a thank you for buying my ebook .

So that’s it.  Your style future is packed neatly into these two incredible books.

For only $14.95 you can change from poorly dressed duckling to stylish swan and feel great about yourself for the first time in ages.

Why wait any longer?

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Wishing you style and success.


Imogen Lamport AICI CIP

PS. Don’t forget that I am leading you from dowdy to stylesetter in this book AND it comes with a full guarantee.  You’ve got nothing to lose and oh so much to gain!