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Advanced Long Wear Concealer


Advanced Long Wear Concealer is a silky, liquid concealer specifically formulated to provide complete flawless overage without bulk so it never guilds up or appears cakey. Great for under eyes and concealing blemishes.

Cool Lipsticks


Lipsticks will look different on your lips as your lips have a colour. They are likely to look more intense in colour than they do on my hand (though a hand is better than white paper).

Colours marked with sheen do not have any pearlesence (good for matte skin), and colours marked with shine have some pearlesence (good for skin with sheen or shine). These are my most popular colours (I have a greater range, some brighter reds and darker colours as well as really light).

Liquid Jojoba


Liquid Foundation colours are available but very hard to match when not in person. $44 each There are more colours than just those here – though these are the most common colours (except White Ivory which is very very light).