Do you know what suits your unique body?

Do you wish you had your own fashion advisor or personal stylist? We’ll teach you how to become your own.

Learn how your personality traits affect what you wear, what you feel comfortable wearing, and what looks best on you and lets everyone else know a little about you.

Do you find that you often wear clothes that don’t make you feel good? That pull, don’t fit properly, or that you can’t ever find anything to wear, even though you have a wardrobe full of clothes?

Bespoke Image’s Styled to Suit You consultation will take you from blah to hurrah.

Styled to Suit You

This style program is designed to teach you what works to enhance your individual body shape and proportions.  Understand the secret code of men’s dressing and the elements of design that will make you look your best.  Stop making mistakes and start looking great today.


A Style to Suit You consultation takes 2-3 hours and costs $550.

What we Cover in a Body Shape & Style Analysis UPDATE SECTION

You will receive a full colour comprehensive Style Manual that includes information on:

  • Hairstyles
  • Glasses
  • Jewellery
  • Shoes
  • Body Shape and Proportions
  • Lifestyle & Personality Analysis
  • Defining your individual style
  • The best clothes tailored to your dress code
  • The best clothes to highlight your features and hide your perceived flaws

You will learn what works for you and what you should avoid. You will become your own personal stylist and understand what works for you and what you should avoid, what the rules are for you, and how you may want to break them.

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