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Bespoke Image can Provide Your Business Image Solution

Whether you need to upgrade the image of your staff, help graduates assimilate into the workforce, or just want an informative and fun presentation for your staff, then Bespoke Image can provide a solution.

Some of the businesses Bespoke Image has provided talks, training sessions and workshops for the following businesses:

  • Wella
  • Marie’s Hair Studio
  • Hocking Stuart Real Estate
  • Department of Treasury and Finance
  • Manningham City Council
  • Beiersdorf International
  • City of Kingston
  • Maddocks Lawyers
  • Landers & Rogers
  • ProVision
  • Foster’s Group
Business Image and Grooming

Business Image and Grooming

How does dress influence the way your staff work? Do your employees understand the importance of what they wear to work, how it needs to reflect the values and mission of the business, and be appropriate for the client they are dealing with?

Bespoke Image provide workshops to help your employees improve their grooming and image.

Fashion Retail Training

Fashion Retail Training

Clothing retail staff need all the tools possible to help their customers choose the best outfits, and to keep those customers coming back again and again to your stores because they know that your staff are really trying to help them find the most flattering clothes, not just trying to make a quick sale. Have you considered training your retail staff in understanding more about colour and style, line and design so that they are more effective in the retail environment?

Did you know that Buyers can also benefit from training in colour, line and design to ensure the clothes they buy for your retail outlets will move off the rack quickly as they will understand what to look for in a flattering and slimming outfit.

Optometrist Staff

Optometrist Staff

Imogen Lamport is Australia’s leading expert in training optometry staff in helping their clients choose glasses frames.

Why not arrange a training course for your practise staff and get the expert advantage.

Alternatively, have you considered the benefits of VIP nights at your practise with an Image Consultant helping your clients find the most flattering frames?

Hairdresser Colour Analysis Training

Hairdresser Colour Analysis Training

Let Bespoke Image train your hairdresses in Personal Colour Analysis so that they can easily choose the most flattering tint shades for their clients every time, guaranteeing happy customers who will return year after year.

Unflattering hair colour is a common reason that clients leave your salon for your opposition, it’s much easier to keep a customer than find a new one, so the more you educate your hairdressers to be able to identify which hair colours will suit their clients best, the more profitable your business.

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