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The Most Advanced Colour System for Personal Colour Analysis

Discover your most flattering colour palette with our personal colour analysis consultation. The colours that make you look most alive and bring out your inner glow have a harmony of qualities, and if you follow your swatch, you’ll be able to mix and match your entire wardrobe easily and without fuss.

We’ll also teach you how to use existing pieces in your wardrobe that aren’t your colours, but still allow you to get wear from them without compromising your look.

Many of our clients have previously had a colour analysis using a different system, but find that the colours don’t really work for them. When they have a colour analysis with Bespoke Image they feel that finally, they’ve found the right colours to wear. This system includes colour groups that don’t exist in other systems.

Your colouring changes as you age, if you’ve had a colour analysis 10+ years ago, it’s probably time to have a new one.

Why is Colour So Important?

Wearing the best colours for you will make you look healthier, happier, vibrant and help you project a really positive image. Remember the last time someone commented on how well you looked? What were you wearing? You’ll probably find out that it was one of your best colours – book your colour analysis today so that those compliments keep on flowing.

Just think about all the clothes you’ve bought over the years that either are worn once (not including your wedding attire) or never worn, and take up valuable wardrobe space – why is it that you don’t wear the item? Maybe it’s because the colour doesn’t suit you, and doesn’t make you feel good. A colour analysis is an investment in your future wardrobe, and an investment in you – if you look good, you’ll feel good, and will project a positive image that others will pick up on and reflect back to you.

Your Colour Analysis session also includes a Makeup Update session (valued at $150) – which includes a makeup lesson and application, using only colours that really bring out your best features. All makeup used is available for purchase.

Colour Analysis


Individual Colour Analysis takes 1.5-2 hours and costs $450 – this includes your personal swatch to take home and use when shopping plus a set of comprehensive colour notes to help you to best wear your colours. In your individual colour analysis you’ll learn your very best colours, and how to wear colours you already own, that aren’t your best, but you can’t justify getting rid of the item just yet. Make-up will also be updated to reflect your new colours, as well as advice on which hair colours will suit you best.

Groups of 2-4 takes 3-4 hours and costs $380 per person. A fun session with your friends or colleagues – you will be able to compare your colours to others, and see just how most people are different, and how personality also affects the colours you wear and look best on you.

Colour Analysis Testimonials

Online Colour Analysis

Can’t come and see us in person in Melbourne?


Don’t worry, you can get an online personal colour analysis from the comfort of your own home no matter where you are in the world!

Discover more about online personal colour analysis here.

Need a Gift?

Why not purchase an In Person or Online Personal Colour Analysis Gift Voucher! Click here for more details.

What We Cover in a Colour Analysis

  • You will be draped to determine your best colour direction
  • Shown your best neutral colours which are the basis of your wardrobe.
  • Given a swatch of 50 of your very best colours to take shopping and taught how to use them
  • Makeup Lesson in selecting colours and basic daytime application
  • Hair colouring advice
  • You will be provided with comprehensive notes on your colours and how to wear them to best effect.
  • Notes include best metals, glasses colours, investment pieces, contrast, combining colours, psychology of colour and hair colouring.


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