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7 Steps to Style

7 Steps to Style is a colour and style consultation program and is ideal for you if want to nail down your body and colouring particulars, discover your style values, learn how to build and effective and stylish wardrobe for your lifestyle and needs, plus get tips to shop like a professional.

Evolve Your Style

Evolve Your Style is a self-guided program designed to have you looking and feeling amazing in only 1 month. It will take you by the hand and lead you to begin developing improving your personal style by trying small daily style challenges that work with the way your brain works to break old habits and make new ones.

Ignite Your Style Genius

Ignite Your Style Genius is a deep exploration of 12 different aspects of style, colour and wardrobing Each month you receive access to a new module with a specific theme. This monthly content includes 10 activities that build on each other, month after month, guiding you step-by-step in a series of playshops.

Style Manifesto

It’s my belief that everyone can become more stylish. We all get up and dressed each day and make those choices about what to wear. You deserve to feel and look good in your clothes. This program is packaged up into 21 simple activities including videos and action steps to help you sort your wardrobe and change how you think about your own style.

Visualise Your Style

Discover your signature style, one that authentically represents your personal brand without having to buy a whole new wardrobe. Create a vision of your personal brand image using a simple step-by-step process. Get crystal clear as you visualise your personal brand image with a mood board that inspires and guides you so that you can dress with confidence every day.

Level Up In Style

A 12 week group coaching program that will lead you step by step to develop your ideal personal brand image that will take you and your style to the next level. You need to show up looking like an expert to be seen as an expert because your image speaks for you before you’ve ever even said a word! Give me 4 months to help you to create a powerfully aligned personal style.