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Wardrobe Edit

Let us come and de-clutter your wardrobe, work out what is currently working for you and what you need to make your wardrobe more effective.

We can also help the colour-blind client create a wardrobe plan so they can easily mix-and match their clothes without fear of getting it wrong.

What’s in your wardrobe? Crammed full but you still have nothing to wear? Have you considered how much all those clothes have cost you that are now taking up space without earning their keep?

Do you know how to create outfits with what you already have?  We’ll go shopping in your closet so that you don’t  waste money buying clothes that you already have or don’t need.


The investment for our Wardrobe Edit is $490 for up to 3 hours, it will provide you with immeasurable savings in time and space, and ensure that the money you do spend on new items are the ones that will give you the most value.

Why not check out our Special Offers and combine a Wardrobe Edit with another service?

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