Bstring White



Bstring is a great little bra attachment designed to hide your cleavage. Works on all bra sizes, adjustable from small to extra large.

Bstring’s unique, Patented design works perfectly with almost any outfit, ensuring your cleavage does not gain more attention than your smile. Bstring comes packaged in a gorgeous little ‘handbag box’ making it a great gift idea.

They are easy to attach, comfortable to wear and lightweight, you won’t even know you’re wearing it.  Bstring eliminates the need to wear extra layers to hide your cleavage, no more singlet tops riding up and creating VTC’s (Visible Top Creases) and adding bulk.  And of course, it’s much cooler to wear on those hot days. Bstring is made from stretch material to ensure maximum comfort and attaches to your bra at 3 points to guarantee a secure fit.

Fitting Your BString

  • The best way to fit your Bstring is to attach before wearing your bra. Once your bra is on, you can adjust Bstring as required.
  • Try different styles of bras to see which works best with your Bstring. Higher cut bra’s may work better than balconette styles.
  • The better your bra fits, the better the Bstring fits.
  • You can leave Bstring attached to your bra to use for next time.
  • Always remember to hand wash Bstring separately.