Imogen, I’d like you to know that my session with you was transformative. I can’t believe what a difference wearing the correct colours has made to my appearance and my self-confidence. I used to think of the colours we choose to wear being based on the cultural message we wanted to send – am I a cool club-goer, a beach babe, a high-country cattlewoman, that sort of thing. Now I approach colours totally differently and it has made shopping so much easier and I reckon I’ll save your fee in clothes purchases this year alone.
Colleagues at work have noticed too and I’m getting such positive comments and now they want their colours done too!

Kerri B

I’m just writing to thank you for our consultation last Thursday. Your insights certainly helped me develop a clearer picture of what I want to wear so that I feel good inside & out. Now to head to my wardrobe!


Thanks for the enlightening and inspiring online consultation today. Just want I needed to know to make my styling and life so much easier from now on!

Eve, Sydney Australia

I just want to say a big thank you to you for your wonderful service you provided to me with my colour analysis, I feel I learnt so much from you and now I’m ready to sparkle and shine in my new colours!

Carolyn B

I received my swatches the other day and I really love them. It was definitely worth it to invest in your personalized color analysis. I already feel better in my warmer colors and proper contrasts. Thanks for working with me and creating such a thorough online color analysis!


Thank you for your excellent presentation. It achieved my key objective, which was to address the matter of a dress standard by getting the team to buy into the idea rather than it simply being mandated. Your presentation addressed the subject in a direct way whilst not offending anyone. Its a sensitive subject and we often do not see our imperfections and faults. Thank you again. I would be happy to be an advocate or reference if you ever needed one.

Dr Tas OsianlisNeodata