Very useful presentation – I’m inspired to improve my image!

FleurRefresh Communications

Insightful information presented in a friendly, non-condescending way.  Would loved it to have been a longer talk. Thanks Imogen

Jenniferof Kiely Media at a Red Tent Woman event

A simple, yet effective way to increase success in business.

Pennyat City of Kingston Women in Business networking Event

I am writing to let you know how much I not only enjoyed your recent presentation but how much I actually learnt from it.  Your presentation was  professional, concise and the content was relevant and informative.  I have been to many presentations in the past that have left me feeling disappointed and annoyed because they either haven’t  delivered what they promised, lacked professionalism and communications skills which then means it’s been a waste of my time.  This was certainly not the case with you.

Another comment I would like to make is how generous you are with your knowledge and how approachable you are.  Clearly you are an expert in the Image and Colour Consulting industry yet you are willing to share that expertise with people who are new to the industry.

Once again thank you very much and I would not hesitate in recommending your services to anyone.

Jo Shires

Had to write and tell you that I went shopping yesterday and single mindedly looked for my new black ie; dark olive. At first it was very tricky to ignore the solid blacks that were as usual available in just about every design you could imagine but eventually I struck gold, well olive. Bought myself pants (David Lawrence), camisole (French Connection) and tailored blouse (Table Eight). The camisole was sort of khaki, pants labelled bitter choc and blouse rather mysteriously java. Anyway, wore it all out to a party last night and felt like a million dollars! I really did look different and got lots of compliments. I’m definitely a complete convert and shall try hard to never wear black again. (Might take a while to get enough new clothes to replace the current wall to wall black….)


K** loves everything!! It was great trying everything on for him – it all looked really good. He especially loves the suits and thinks he and I should go suit shopping more often!!

Thanks for your help.