Thanks so much for presenting at our Mums group. I have been collating feedback forms lately and the response to your presentation was overwhelmingly excited and positive. Mums have commented on how much fun the presentation was, but also on how much more fun shopping is since having their colours done and how much more confident they feel when shopping. You have made a big difference to the lives of women who don’t spend a lot of time or energy on themselves. Thank-you again!

Gabriel NorrisCo-ordinator, MOPS, One Community Church, Blackburn

ImogenLamport gave me my image back! I was a feeling like a frumpy old woman at the tender age of 28 when I was fortunate to meet her for an overhaul. After having two young children by this point, I had lost my sense of dress and image and needed a review!

Imogen was able to help me dress my age again and I have found the number of compliments I receive increase substantially if I wear something I know is right for me. The addition of colour back into my wardrobe has also lifted my self confidence and I feel more in control of my destiny once again! Who ever said you can only wear black in the office?”


Your informative and entertaining presentation has had extremely positive feedback, with many women determined to use your helpful tips and advice in dressing more confidently for the workplace.

Department of Treasury and Finance Victoria

Absolutely fantastic and useful, basic information which I will be able to use immediately.

ErinEP Makeup

Thank you so much for your presentation at this morning’s Limelight Breakfast Club. I know that our members really enjoyed your presentation – it was funny and informative and presented so clearly with your selected images – you really did make a great FIRST IMPRESSION – no need to see us all 21 more times! It was also good to see your colour matching process at work – as you know our training centres around the emotional sale- build desire by education which will reduce the need for negotiation. I am certain that several of our black clad photographers will be contacting you shortly! I trust it was an experience that you enjoyed, it was certainly a very effective presentation and much appreciated.

LornaInstinctive Desires

I attended my first Nuffnang Blogpolis and I was a little ambivalent about what it might provide me with – as a very part time blogger and passionate freelancer I found that the first session, run by Imogen, gave me the best of both worlds. She was engaging, confident and clear about the ways in which people can create content that will attract readers, keep them engaged and then prompt them to comment – the holy grail of the blogging world! The suggestions not only provided suggestions for my blog but it helped me refine some pitches that I had been working on that weren’t quite catchy enough for me to send them out with confidence. Thanks for a great introduction to the world of engaging content Imogen!