The Finishing Touch


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Do you want to know the secrets of how to accessorize with style?

The Finishing Touch: perfecting the art of accessorizing.

is over 100 pages of useful and easy to apply information on how to add style to your outfits with accessories.

Fully illustrated with loads of colour pictures to help you choose the accessories that suit your body shape, flatter you, and work with your outfits.Watch a short video about the contents of The Finishing Touch.

In it you’ll find out:

  • Why accessories matter
  • How to change your accessories to change your look
  • Create focal points
  • What to splurge on what to save on
  • How to figure out your face shape
  • How to choose a necklace to work with your neckline
  • More than 20 ways to tie scarves

Not only that there are chapters that cover:

  • Shoes
  • Handbags
  • Glasses
  • Hair Accessories
  • Rings
  • Belts
  • Necklaces

The Finishing Touch is packed full of easy to follow tips and techniques to get the most out of your accessories and help you create your most fabulous personal style.

Don’t just take my word for it:

I was thrilled to receive the new e-book from Imogen Lamport, a colleague from Melbourne who is a total inspiration. Entitled The Finishing Touch, it’s the book I wish I’d written – and I can’t say more than that.  Focussing on accessories, Imogen demonstrates how we can use them to give any outfit ( from the truly casual to the extremely elegant) that ‘je ne sais quoi’.  As it’s chock full of explanatory photo’s it’s really easy to follow and so well explained that I might just be out of a job!!  It’s very comprehensive, covering everything you’re ever likely to need and other things you never even thought about. Combining traditional expertise with up to date clothing and text with graphics means that every learning style is covered and every style personality too. A ‘must-have’ e-book that you’ll use time and time again and I’ll bet it will never let you down. It’s a style guide that no-one should be without.
– Sue Donnelly
Author of  The 80/20 Makeover,  Heading South and Feel Fab at 50

The Finishing Touch is like a written down session with Imogen, there’s heaps of useful information about different types and sizes of accessories to choose, how to pull together ‘a look’ and why certain styles work well together.  I find Imogen’s thoughts on scale & placement of accessories to be particularly helpful.  I used to be too scared to wear accessories in case they weren’t right for me, or I’d wear things that clearly didn’t work – now I can accessorise with confidence!
– Emma Watt

“Think about the last accessory you purchased.  Do you love it and are still wearing it frequently, or does it sit in your drawer or on your shelf, unloved and unworn? Many of us don’t know what accessories work for us — our bodies, our personalities and our lifestyles — and are therefore worth investing in — and which ones we should save our hard-earned money on and leave in the store.  In this comprehensive and colourful e-book, you’ll learn all you need to know about creating the perfect finishing touch for your outfits.  This is a gorgeous workbook, filled with helpful hints and illustrations.  And all for less than what you probably paid for your last, unloved accessory!  Imogen is a master and making people look and feel good – and this latest in her line-up of fabulous resources is worth the read!”
Jill Chivers
Shop Your Wardrobe

Imogen your new book is truly equipping me to better put the “Finishing Touch” of accessories to my personal style. The information is detailed and illustrated so I know just what will be right for me. I really value the explanations behind why certain accessories, lengths etc. are good choices. I have a much better understanding of why certain things work for me which adds to my confidence and makes me feel very polished. It will save me time and money by helping me make truly effective selections of accessories. I highly recommend this book.
– Annette